You may have all noticed that I’ve been a little quiet recently, and I’ve been trying to not talk about this project too much before we actually do any sort of launch.

I’ve been working on a project called ‘Giggle’. Giggle is a tool to recommend you new music based on what you listen to now, and data from every other user on our service. With any luck it can quickly help you find new music that’s tailored to you in a similar way to a friend recommending an artist to you.

It will also tell you when your favourite artists are performing and local gigs that you may like based on your music profile.

Giggle’s now open for testing and we need as many as we can get! If you want to get onboard with Giggle early, go over to, tell all of your friends and soon we can all be enjoying a diverse range of new music!

This is an early release, so be patient with us; we’re working really hard to try to make Giggle everything that we started out to create but it takes time; with your help we can get there and fill the whole that the ‘death of radio’ has left!



Giggle Music Screenshot1 Screenshot2 Screenshot3