iOS 11 has a developer platform that only Apple is building on — Control Center. From the Apple TV control, to Home automation, the Control Center clearly has a rich native development platform behind it that Apple are using to build this functionality.

  • It’s customizable
  • It’s order is adjustable
  • Controls can offer an interactive overlay view
  • Interactions in the view can run native code (e.g. Apple TV remote, HomeKit switches)
  • There is consistency but customization between controls

iOS Control Center Configuration

What could you make with Command Center?

  • Todo apps (I’d kill for Things!)
  • Weather Indicator (surprisingly absent)
  • Quick-start shortcuts (e.g. Uber Home)
  • Workflows
    • Interestingly, Command Center reminds me of the UI from the Workflow app which apple acquired
  • Custom Shortcut Maker
    • Bring “Bed Time” HomeKit scene up to the top level

What would you make if you could build a Command Center app?