I wrote just a day or so ago about OpenUDID – a third party, open-source library designed to replace UDID and provide the ability to track users across your Apps and through ‘the funnel’.

Now, a competing free library has popped up, complete with it’s own splashy launch page – SecureUDID.

The differentiation, is that SecureUDID uses a domain and a salt (basically a private token) to ensure that UDIDs are persistant, but private between Apps. Assumedly, a global UDID ‘salt’ and domain could be shared to provide a standard default UDID e.g. using all 1s for both. This is both a feature (from the user’s Point of View, and some developers) and a weakness from other developers’ points of view, however for what SecureUDID are trying to achieve, ubiquity isn’t required for them to prove useful to the developers that do choose to use them.

You can get SecureUDID source at GitHub.

Get source at GitHub