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I, much like the rest of America, watched a video about shaving a couple weeks ago. But not just any video about shaving; a video about commoditizing shaving and shaving goods to form a subscription service somewhat mis-named the

Dollar Shave Club (it’s impossible to have a razor at your door for $1)

Now, I am a man, and I grow (admittedly somewhat disappointing) facial hair which up until now, the semi-disposable Gillette razors with maybe 2 blade-changes a year, have done a perfectly decent job of removing. Time to turn over a new page in the book of my shaving life.

After fighting with their site for a couple days to be able to order – hey, these guys aren’t about TechOps, they’re about fu*king amazing razors – I ordered my $6/mo package that would turn me in to a smoother, generally more awesome man.

Today they arrived and here is the handle and first set of blades.


The handle is weighty and very substantial feeling and I will admit – for $6 there definitely is a feeling of a surprisingly high degree of luxury… I guess that’s what you get when every other month they send you $1 worth of blades for your $6.

So, enough rhetoric… Are these razors any good…?

Yes. They glided along very happily both with and without shave gel – I thought about taking a video but nobody really wants to see me in the shower!!

I love the Dollar Shave Club. I love the concept, the simplicity, the ease and the price. They solved a problem that I (sort of) had and gave me a warm fuzzy feeling – almost that ‘new shoes’ feeling, but for my face. In fact – id like to give them more money, I hope they branch out in to providing a shave gel as well and who knows what else!

Want to sign up..?

Go to the Dollar Shave Club