mahaloidolIt seems with the loss of Veronica Belmont that Mahalo Daily is in search of a new presenter to run it’s daily ‘interest’ show. Although in true ‘Calacanis’ style, they’re not just interviewing; they’re creating a full-blown web2.0 event out of it – aptly named ‘Mahalo Idol’.

Auditionees are invited to come to the Mahalo HQ to complete their audition, however for people outside of LA, there is the option to make a 1 minute mini-clip of a Mahalo-style episode. This should create a barrage of interesting (and amusing) content for us viewers and apparently even the auditions themselves will be streamed live.

So, if you’re female and think you’re up to the challenge of becoming a Veronica replacement, pop over to Mahalo Idol and try your hand at filling her formidable boots!