It was once famously said that ‘everything that could be invented, had been invented’.skinphone

I found this idea to be ridiculous and we have since proved it to be so; this was over a hundred years ago I believe. However, if this were ever to come close to having a believer, it could be me and it could be in reaction to an article I read on engadget this morning!

It seems that LG aren’t happy with skin merely covering our entire body, it must now cover every object we own as well. I have no idea how that idea got incubated and passed around; it must have come up at a board meeting and everyone thought that ‘everyone else’ was in on the joke so went along as not to look stupid. It wasn’t until production had begun that they realised that old Paul had genuinely been suggesting that they produce a device that actually invokes a feeling of not wanting to touch something that is essentially a ‘touch-operated’ device.

Did I forget to mention that every single one of them was also high.

I think that’s all there is to say on the matter, except, please don’t release it; your phones are bad enough.