I was looking for an easy way to link to your Twitter profile in a user’s Twitter Application of choice from an iOS App. There were lots of handy resources, but no complete solution for iPhone so I coded one up and threw it on GitHub: Twitter Follow Button for iOS

It’s pretty simple to use:

[codebox 1]

Or you can just change the class of a UIButton in the Interface Builder and then synthesise it as a property.

I hope that this helps some people out!


Go to the GitHub
Just download the code

Credit where credit’s due!

This is largely several others’ work pulled together to create a simple-to-include repo.

Hi-Res Follow Me button created by Joseph DiPaolo:


Non-Twitter App Schemes from the Gist Repo:

https://gist.github.com/958738 Created by vhbit

Thanks to HandleOpenURL for documenting the Twitter iOS5 Scheme http://handleopenurl.com/scheme/twitter </div>