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This Wednesday Hulu’s set to launch; Hulu for those of you in Britain who don’t know is a service created by NBC and News Corporation. It is an online service that allows you to watch any NBC content (with more coming), on any device, for free. All content is free.

This is just the latest in a long string of reminders that we live in Britain and not the US. Our lack of iTunes Music Store access in Starbucks, or free Wi-Fi almost anywhere?! An Edge network for those of us without 3G devices; iPhone anybody?

Huge quantities of licensed content is available on US online services that just isn’t available in Britain; both paid for and free. So, in this day and age when we’re moving more and more towards a global village; why do these companies not welcome the extended market of Europe. The answer to this one strikes me as DWM and licensing although I can’t quite figure out where the bottleneck lies. 

– Ask a copyright holder if they can market it in Britain and the answer would doubtlessly be yes with a hand extended, gesturing shamelessly while they ordered their new Porsche to celebrate the occasion.

-Ask any executive if they’d like to open their products to new markets and revenue opertunities, I would have to imagine the answer would be yes?!

So why does this huge devide exist; I know for one that I like American TV and would be more than happy to purchase it on a legal service such as iTunes, as I’m sure, would many others.

You know what…. I think I may start a company one day targetted at getting the Hi-tech stuff that’s available and implimented in America over here. I shall call it ‘Hi Tech Britain’.

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(n.b. If anyone actually knows the answer to the licensing issues, I would love to know)