For the next few weeks I’m staying with my family and because it was for more than a few days, and I have quite a lot of work to do, I figured that I’d bring all my hardware with me. Also, how could I not keep you all updated!?

I now have my rig set up in a room less than a quarter of the size that it was designed for so screens and speakers sort of rule supreme in here! It’s almost cool, but in a ‘I-don’t-want-to-get-used-to-this’ sort of way!

At home, I’m sort of a workaholic; my main project at the moment (a music recommendation and ticket sales integration application called ‘Giggle’) takes up a good deal of my time often keeping me up programming until 3am. When I’m not doing that I’m blogging / twittering / reading up on what’s new. (Besides that, I actually have a moderately healthy social life; I just don’t often mention it here) (HONEST).

Now that I’m here, work seems like a less obvious thing to do. I will often sit bored for a while thinking that I have nothing to do rather than actually get on with the work I know I have!

This brings on the question, how important are surroundings to productivity. I always thought that I could work anywhere, and often work at home, in Starbucks, other cafes… etc, but can a certain environment bring out a certain quality in you.

I hope not, because I have a lot of work to be doing!!

Anyway… next post will be more tech-related! Promise!